The 5-ingredient Plant-Based High-Protein Meal Plan

An easy nutrition program for 7 days with only 5 ingredients per recipe

Get in shape efficiently with sustainable plant-based nutrition while saving money... Discover a sustainable eating style designed to help you recover faster, get stronger, and perform at your best.

This performance-enhancing meal plan is your ticket to a healthy, protein-rich lifestyle that will help you (re)claim your ideal body while saving you HOURS in the kitchen (and grocery store)!

Minimally processed, plant-based (whole) foods can make a big difference in how you feel, perform, and look... And as with most positive lifestyle changes, the right start is half the battle won...

With this incredibly easy-to-use meal plan, achieving your health and fitness goals is within your reach, as getting in shape becomes self-explanatory...

This fiber-fueled nutrition plan offers you the most straightforward approach to getting all the nutrients from plants you need, every day of the week. With the delicious, effortless meals inside, you reach your goals in no time!

This meal plan helps you:

  • Become stronger, healthier, and more toned...
  • Lose excess body fat and weight
  • Build muscle mass with sustainable, plant-based nutrition
  • And helps you reclaim your energy while clearing up your (clogged) free time

Want to get in shape responsibly with sustainable eating habits?

This approach will help you do that, and with all the materials and extras inside, you will soon look better than ever as well!

The 5-ingredient high-protein meal plan is perfect for athletes who want to improve their fitness, busy vegans who want to eat (mostly) plant-based (and soy-free) whole foods, bodybuilders looking for plant-based substitutes for their ‘chicken, broccoli and rice meals’, and literally anyone looking for a simple, oil-free approach to eating with easy, budget-friendly recipes that are packed with nutrients...

In addition, the meal plan is completely customizable, which makes it perfect for busy people and those with inconstant schedules or lifestyles. This meal plan gives you the freedom to choose your meal moments, plus space to (continue to) enjoy your favorite snacks. You decide when you eat and can keep your favorite foods around!

This user-friendly meal plan guarantees:

  • Approximately 25% protein with a complete amino acid profile, every day of the week
  • Space for your favorite (healthy) toppings, sauces & snacks
  • Everyday supplement suggestions for optimal health and performance
  • Detailed shopping lists for all ingredients (per recipe, per week)

Every week is straightforward and uncluttered with an appealing calendar design that works on any device and can easily be printed on a paper sheet! Most of the meals that are part of this meal plan are served in next to no time because they are based on 5 common, easy to find ingredients. These combinations get you all the nutrients you need to succeed with an explosion of flavor.

This meal plan with only 5 ingredients per recipe saves you a lot of time and money. All ingredients are very affordable and used fully, which minimizes time spent in the kitchen and leftovers. Thanks to the included weekly shopping lists, you will save time on your shopping trips as well. The lists are also optimized for online shopping, which allows you to fully automate your grocery store visits

Do you have food allergies? Recipes in this meal plan with (soy), gluten, nuts, and peanuts can easily be adjusted to completely avoid these allergens. Thanks to the adaptive nature of this meal plan, you can easily fit it according to your intolerance and preference and use it for as many weeks as you like!

P.s. Depending on your preference, we can deliver this meal plan 100% soy-free.

The meal plan and included materials are 100% mobile and cloud friendly. You will never find yourself in a situation without access to it!

In total you will get:

  • The plant-based high-protein meal plan - worth $ 59
  • A collection of plant-based, oil-free recipes - worth $ 9
  • Accompanying, online shopping-proof shopping lists - worth $ 10
  • The meal plan guide with essential info - worth $ 50
  • Direct support via social media & email - worth $ 10
  • Bonus: The plant-based cheat sheet! - worth $20

A total value of $ 158

Available as a bundle for the one-time introduction price of $ 158 only $ 39! (excluding VAT)

For the price of a book, you will get access to a personalized meal plan plus all included materials and bonusses that will help you (re)claim your shape and look and feel great!

This meal plan makes it incredibly easy to get all the proteins you need to become the fittest, strongest, most toned version of yourself... Every superhero has a secret weapon and this one is yours!

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