The High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook

A quality collection of delicious yet simple, protein-packed dishes that are cooked automatically with just a press of a button!

Prepare flavor-filled, nutrient-packed meals while you are out of the kitchen, doing something more important. With the ultimate one-pot-meal cooking machine and just 8 common, easy-to-find whole food ingredients per recipe, it is perfectly possible... 

Start today and minimize your kitchen duties and time spent around the stovetop, while maximizing flavors and nutrients...

These dishes are super tasty, beginner-friendly, and extremely affordable!

If you are often busy and want to save time, money, and energy, but also want the absolute best for your body and health, our planet and the animals, this cookbook is your go-to solution. These easy high-protein meals are 100% vegan-friendly and massively reduce your carbon footprint. With this WFPB-friendly approach, you feed your body more nutrients than with stovetop cooking and plenty of proteins in an instant.

This Instant Pot cookbook helps you:

  • Cook under pressure with no more than 8 ingredients per recipe
  • ‘Squeeze’ the most nutrients and flavor out of plants in just minutes
  • Consume plenty of plant proteins without the unnecessary calories from oil
  • Prepare meals for multiple days in advance with the included storage recommendations
  • Develop life-changing cooking habits that will fuel your body with the best foods
  • Save electricity, prevent waste, and massively reduce your carbon footprint

Whether you are a seasoned (electric) pressure cooker user, or looking for fiber-fueled dishes that pack more proteins than meat-based dishes and help your body thrive… 

These recipes will simplify your kitchen duties, every day of the week.

The cookbook includes over 75 easy-to-make recipes packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Get the most out of your electric pressure cooker with exciting oatmeals, hearty risottos, satisfying soups & delicious curries – with 20% or more of the calories from protein, and 100% oil-free!

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Put your cooking on autopilot with these timesaving, nourishing meals that satisfy your tastebuds and help you get in shape!

Who are these plant-based recipes for?

  1. 1
    Busy strength and endurance athletes looking to get and stay in the best shape of their life
  2. 2
    Protein-obsessed vegans who rather avoid spending hours in the kitchen
  3. 3
    Physically active people who hate (heavily) processed products like faux meats
  4. 4
    Nutrition-conscious human beings with little cooking knowledge and experience
  5. 5
    People with type 1 or 2 diabetes, looking for PBWF-friendly recipes with 0% refined sugar
  6. 6
    Anyone looking to prepare easy, healthy, and tasty dishes with an electric pressure cooker

Protein, fiber, antioxidants, and all the other good stuff from plants

  • These recipes guarantee at least 20%, and as much as 40% of your calories from protein
  • Pressure-cooked foods contain more nutrients and antioxidants than regularly cooked foods
  • With tons of fibers, these foods are the best for your digestive system and your health
  • And with the incredibly effortless 8-ingredient approach, these dishes take just a few minutes of prep work

Get the most out of your electric pressure cooker with amazing quick & easy combinations of just 8 ingredients, including:

  • 15 exciting breakfasts
  • 22 nourishing main meals
  • 12 satisfying soups
  • 12 delicious stews
  • 10 hearty salads
  • And 4 tasty bonus recipes

With 10+ Dump-and-Go, 43+ Single-step, and 15 Multi-step recipes that are storage-friendly and 100% free from oil, refined sugar, and heavily processed ingredients.

These no-brainer recipes are 100% peanut-free, amidst:

  • 41 soy-free
  • 51 nut-free
  • 63 gluten-free

New to the Instant Pot or (electric) pressure cooking altogether?

Not to worry. This book covers everything from A-Z!

Starting with a comprehensive primer to the Instant Pot and all its functions, this book includes an elaborated pantry list with the ingredients used in this book, plus tips to get the most out of these ingredients, and allergen-friendly substitute options. With this low-waste secret weapon for more sustainable living, you will save water & electricity on every home cooked meal!

The book also includes all the info, tips and tricks to cook the perfect beans and legumes with an electronic pressure cooker in no time, along with the exact pressure-cooking times for beans, legumes, grains, rice and (high protein) veggies.

Inside, you will also find a list of accessories and kitchenware that will help you automate your kitchen counter duties further. Product suggestions are covered as well.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions covered in detail, plus some very useful tips for even the most seasoned Instant Pot users.

And if that is not enough, all the basics to high-protein, plant-based eating are covered, plus an ADDITIONAL set of 12 ‘basic bean’ recipes - turn basic beans into effortless, tasty Dump-and-Go meals.

To top this all, the ‘100% digital edition’ with premium layout also includes two out-of-the-box 1-day meal plans for regular and soy-free eaters. 

Start cooking wholesome, irresistible high-protein dishes with a press of a button now!

Unlike many popular plant-based Instant Pot cookbooks, the recipes in this one require ONLY an electronic pressure cooker. You do not need any skillet, blender, oven, or other cooking equipment!

This go-to source of your future meals includes detailed nutrition facts for each recipe: calorie and protein, carb, fiber, and fat information. Ingredients include measurements optimized for both American and metric users.

Put high-protein plant-based cooking on autopilot and enjoy these ‘great flavor & minimal hassle’ recipes!

This cookbook is LEGIT! It saves animals and changes lives!

The proof is in the protein pasta!!


About Happyhealthygreen

Years of studying nutrition and fitness experience combined with countless hours perfecting easy-to-prepare recipes in the kitchen equip us with the knowledge and tools to help you live your best life.

We have helped hundreds of people get in shape with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and more energy. Are you next to achieve your best physique while doing what is best for our planet and the animals?

It is true – change starts in the kitchen, and our cookbook makes it as easily as possible. It is what we eat every day, and it should be the foods that you eat every day.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

When do I get this book?

When you purchase the ‘100% digital edition’, we will send you link that will give you instant access to a PDF with premium layout. The High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook is also available as a print through various retailers like Amazon. We also offer a BUNDLE combination of the ‘100% digital edition’ & a paperback with 1XX pages at a discount. The shipment of this paperback will take 5-15 working days.

Can I make these recipes without an (electric) pressure cooker?


All the one-pot recipes in this cookbook can be prepared on the stovetop without an (electric) pressure cooker. Regardless of the cooking method, these combinations of – properly cooked - ingredients are tasty and pack plenty of proteins. If you have experience cooking beans and legumes, you will have no problem making them in a single pot. However, all the method steps in these recipes including the cooking times are optimized for the Instant Pot and its functions.

Why are these recipes oil-free?

The recipes in this cookbook completely exclude (processed) vegetable oil. Not necessarily because oil is unhealthy, but because oil contains only one nutrient: pure fat that contains 9 calories per gram. Cooking without oil is perfectly possible and quite easy to do. Getting rid of these unnecessary (extra) calories from oils does not mean compromising on taste and will improve the nutritional content of the food you eat.

The best part is that you can always add oil back into the recipes that require sauteing before pressure-cooking. Doing so will make these foods 9-ingredient recipes and add extra calories, which will decrease their overall protein per gram content.

Will I be able to find all the ingredients used in these recipes?

We developed these recipes with mostly common, easy-to-find ingredients. Unless you live in an exotic, unpopulated area, you will be able to find all these ingredients in your local/online grocery store 97,999% of the time.

Which Instant Pot or (electric) pressure cooker size do I need?

All recipes can be made with an Instant Pot of any size or an (electric) pressure cooker model, regardless of the brand. The recipes in this book are created and tested with a 6-quart (5,68 liters) Instant Pot, but can easily be made with 3-quart and 8-quart models. Smaller electric pressure cooker models like the 3-quart model, might require you to halve the quantity of ingredients for large volume recipes like soups. The book includes all the info you need to halve and double recipes and servings.

Do I need skillets or other kitchen equipment other than an (electric) pressure cooker?


Most Instant Pot cookbooks include recipes that call for the use of skillets, pans, pots and ovens prior to starting the pressure-cooking program. This book is different as 100% of the recipes require only an electric pressure cooker.

I have only just started eating (more) plants, is this book for me?

Yes, it totally is!

This cookbook is incredibly beginner-friendly. Inside, you will learn how to use an Instant Pot and how to get the absolute most out of the device with plant-based ingredients. The book also covers plant-based dietary basics and answers to the most common questions you might have when you start with plant-based (whole) foods and (electric) pressure cooking.

I am not vegan (yet), can I use this cookbook?

Of course, you can!

Our cookbook welcomes everyone interested in consuming more plant-based foods. It is 100% vegan-friendly as all recipes are entirely plant-based.

I am diabetic and/or have food allergies, can I enjoy these recipes?


The WFPB-friendly recipes in this cookbook are highly beneficial for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes. Our dishes that incorporate mostly unprocessed ingredients are also abundant in whole carbohydrates, which can improve insulin sensitivity and other health markers in individuals with type 1 diabetes.

The High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook is completely free from refined sugars, vegetable oil and peanuts. The majority of recipes are free from gluten, nuts and soy, and the recipes that contain these allergens often include substitute suggestions.

Does eating pressure-cooked meals with 8 ingredients get boring over time?

The recipes in this book result in flavorful combinations that require no more than 8 ingredients (excluding optional toppings). Some of the foods are made with 8 pure, whole-food ingredients, whereas other dishes incorporate lightly processed ingredients such as tofu, curry pastes and spice mixes.

With these 75 unique wholesome combinations, you will have a lifetime of tasty food options. This diversity of recipe flavor variations, plus the optional topping suggestions for every recipe guarantee you will never get bored. And if you ever want to eat some non pressure-cooked foods, you can always grab our 5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook that includes tons of healthy high-protein salads, snacks, and deserts.

What is a high-protein diet exactly?

A high-protein diet is rich in amino acids. Before a dish qualifies as 'high-protein', we have to consider the amount of protein relative to the total calories in a meal. As a rule of thumb, at least 20% of the calories in a dish should come from proteins, before we label it 'high-protein'. With this in mind, these recipes will convince any friend or acquaintance that is still wondering if they can get enough protein from plant-based foods.

Do I get too much protein with the recipes in this book?


Although these recipes in are perfect for athletes and active vegans, there is no upper limit to your (daily) protein consumption. In fact, a diet abundant in protein and fiber helps you to lose excess body fat efficiently.

I do not like rice, pasta, or a specific food. Is The High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook still going to be valuable for me?

The cookbook includes a variety of recipes that are inspired form all corners of the culinary world. In case you do not like a specific ingredient, rest assured there will be plenty of recipes that you will love!

Is this a monthly charge?

Are there refunds?

No, and you will not need one. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied and get your money’s worth. This is an investment in yourself as you will improve your health, have more energy and free up hours of time!

Grab both our books at a discount!

Buy “The High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook” & “5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook” today with 25% off!