High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook

Wholesome, protein-packed dishes… Cooked automatically!


Preparing healthy, delicious plant-based food can be a challenge when you’re often busy or simply don’t like to cook…

To help you automate your kitchen counter duties, we’ve created this high-protein Instant pot cookbook with 71 delicious recipes. Preparing these tasty meals will only require a few minutes of your time and give you all the protein you’ll need, every day of the week!

With amazing combinations of only 8 ingredients, here are exciting oatmeals, hearty risottos, satisfying soups & delicious curries — with about 25 % of the calories coming from protein, 100% oil-free.

The flavorful recipes in this cookbook are all about minimal hassle and complement an active lifestyle. Calories and macro-nutrients are listed with each recipe, plus US- & Metric-friendly ingredient measurements, recommended storage times and mouthwatering photos.

With the ‘Instant Pot High-ProteinCookbook’, you’ll have a go-to source of delicious, protein-packed meals that can be cooked with the press of a button!

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