5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook:

76 Easy & Delicious High-Protein Recipes

A quality collection of delicious, easy-to-make recipes packed with vitamins, minerals, and more proteins than you would get when eating meat!

Eating plant-based whole foods does not mean you have to miss out on flavor or nutrients, and these easy recipes prove it. The dishes in this book are designed for busy people who prefer to minimize their time spent in the kitchen but want the best for their health, the environment, and animals.

These 76 recipes offer:

  • Delicious dishes with common, easy to find ingredients
  • A cooking time of 30 minutes or less (for most recipes)
  • Roughly 25% protein per meal serving
  • A completely oil-free cooking experience
  • And are ideal for multi-day meal preparation

Whether you are a seasoned vegan or just looking for ideas for fiber-rich, plant-based (whole food) dishes, this cookbook will help you put protein-rich foods without animal-derived ingredients on the table within minutes. This cookbook makes preparing fresh, nutritious meals painless. Outside the kitchen, your life will also get more manageable, as you will never have to worry about your protein intake again!

With these 76 unique combinations of just five ingredients, you will quickly prepare all your everyday high-protein meals for the entire week.

Dishes range from wholesome pancakes and puddings to exciting bowls and burgers and hearty salads and snacks.

Check out this selection of recipes from the book:

Make your busy and/or active lifestyle easy with these easy & delicious dishes.

These recipes are ideal for plant-based athletes, (new) vegans who hate (heavily) processed products like faux meat, and for anyone looking for more plant-based whole food meals that are rich in protein. These dishes can be the perfect plant-based alternative for chicken & rice meals!

The 87 recipes in this book include:

  • 11 essentials
  • 12 breakfasts
  • 31 meals
  • 11 soups
  • 10 salads
  • 12 snacks and deserts

Out of those, there are:

  • 82 peanut-free recipes 
  • 72 nut-free recipes
  • 72 gluten-free recipes
  • 51 soy-free recipes

All recipes that include allergens also offer substitute ingredient options!

The cookbook also contains all essential (nutritional) info you need to succeed on a PBWF lifestyle.

All basic principles are explained, including:

  • Soaking and cooking times for beans and legumes
  • A complete list of plant-based ingredients used in the book
  • Tools & tips for fast and efficient cooking
  • And much more...

And that is not all...

With the '100% digital edition’, you will get a fantastic bonus directly delivered into your inbox. Grab the book now, and you will also get the '5-ingredient 1-day high-protein meal plan’. This meal plan has all your daily meals already planned out for you and includes a shopping list that makes your trip to the grocery store effortless.

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Start cooking plant-based high-protein recipes now!

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Our customers rated the cookbook with an average rating of 5 stars:

And here is what they think about the cookbook:


Linda enjoys our easy, nutritious recipes like the 'Vanilla Protein Pancakes' every day.

She usually works out 5 times a week and owes her physical results primarily to our meal plan!


Because Sandra is a long-time vegetarian, not all the ingredients from this book were new to her. Still, Sandra was extremely impressed with the recipes in the ‘5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook'.

She prefers to spend as little time possible in the kitchen, which is why she uses our cookbook almost daily. At Happyhealthygreen, we like that a lot.


Dino is a student and dedicated endurance athlete who participates in triathlons regularly. He was overly impressed when he first saw our cookbook and uses it almost every day of the week.

His favorite recipe is 'Sweet Potato Tacos', which is part of the book and available on our website.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

I have only just started eating (more) plants, is this book for me?

Yes, it totally is!

We created this cookbook to be incredibly beginner-friendly. Inside, you will find answers to the most common questions you might have when you start with plant-based (whole) foods. Essential dietary information and how to cook oil-free are covered as well.

I am not vegan (yet), can I use this cookbook?

Of course, you can!

Our cookbook welcomes everyone interested in consuming less meat, fish, and other animal products. This cookbook is 100% vegan-friendly; all recipes are entirely plant-based.

Does cooking with only FIVE ingredients get boring over time?

The recipes in this book guarantee 'taste without effort'. That is why there is no single recipe in this cookbook that requires more than five ingredients (excluding optional toppings). Some recipes are made with 5 pure, whole-food ingredients. Other dishes incorporate lightly processed ingredients such as tofu and spice mixes.

Because of the amount of choice that this book offers, you will get access to a lifetime of tasty options. Besides, the various ingredient swaps and optional toppings allow you to experiment with multiple extra flavors. And in case you do get bored, there is good news: with the money this cookbook will save you, you can dine out virtually every weekend!

What is a high-protein diet exactly?

A high-protein diet is rich in amino acids. Before a dish qualifies as 'high-protein', we have to consider the amount of protein relative to the total calories in a meal. As a rule of thumb, approximately 15 to 25% of the calories in a dish must come from protein, before labeling it 'high-protein'. This book will convince any friend or acquaintance still wondering if they can get enough protein from plant-based foods.

Do I get too much protein with the recipes in this book?


Although the recipes in this cookbook are perfect for athletes and active vegans, there is no upper limit for (daily) protein consumption. In fact, a diet rich in protein and fiber helps you to lose excess body fat efficiently.

Is this a monthly amount?

No, it is not!

There are no monthly fees. You will receive the '5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook: 76 Easy & Delicious High-Protein Recipes’ after purchase. The '100% digital edition' will be delivered in your inbox immediately!