Get all the protein you need with these snap-of-a-finger recipes!

Always having fresh, nutritious meals available can be a serious challenge when you’re often busy and care about your physique. That’s why this cookbook was developed; to make your life in-, and outside the kitchen easier.

With amazing combinations of only five ingredients, here are 76 inventive recipes that you can quickly prepare at home, any day of the week. From wholesome pancakes and puddings to exciting bowls and burgers, and hearty salads and snacks — with roughly 25 % protein, 100% oil-free.

These dishes are all about great flavor, minimal hassle and complement an active lifestyle. Mouthwatering photos, accurate macronutrient breakdowns and recommended storage times are included with every recipe, plus both US- & Metric-measurements!

With the ‘5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook’, you’ll have access to a lifetime of nourishing, delicious meals with just five simple ingredients.

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