March 18

Boost your immune system with FIVE delicious 5-ingredient recipes!

Orange Sunrise Smoothie

This delicious smoothie made with whole food ingredients & protein powder is packed with healthy nutrients that will help you boost your immune system. Vitamin A, B, C, E & various minerals are included! 

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Pinto Salsa Bowl

This powerhouse salad is packed with protein, healthy fats, fiber and powerful antioxidants!  Filling whole food plant-based meals like these help to keep your gut healthy while boosting your natural defence systems, which helps you ward off disease and inflammation.

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Sweet Potato & Broccoli Bowl

This flavorful bowl packs some of the most nutrient-dense ingredients possible. Sweet potatoes are abundant in vitamin A, and C, helpful minerals such as iron, calcium and selenium. Broccoli is basically a superfood; vitamin A, C, E, K, rich in minerals and fiber. Peanut butter and tofu boost the protein content of this meal, helping your body to maintain and repair itself.

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Split Pea Soup

Thick, nutrient-dense and filling. This simple soup makes a full meal with healthy whole food ingredients. This tasty combination offers a variety of nutrients that help your immune system function properly and aid you in gut health, the first fundaments to optimal health!

(click on the image for the recipe)



Pineapple Quinoa Salad

This salad has all the crucial elements for your vitality and protects you against any healtht hreats! Try this mouth-watering, fresh combination of flavors will boost your immune system with a good dose of vitamin C, minerals and powerful antioxidants! 

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Get all the protein you need with these snap-of-a-finger recipes!

Always having fresh, tasty, nutritious meals available can be a serious challenge when you’re busy but care about your physique. That’s why we developed this cookbook that will help you reach your fitness goals with quick & tasty recipes!

These dishes complement an active lifestyle and are all about great flavor & minimal hassle. With amazing combinations of just five ingredients, here are 76 inventive recipes that you can quickly prepare at home, any day of the week. From wholesome pancakes and puddings to exciting bowls and burgers, and hearty salads and snacks — with roughly 25 % protein, 100% oil-free.

Mouthwatering photos, detailed nutrition facts and recommended storage times are included with every recipe, plus both U.S. & metric measurements!

    With the 5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook, you’ll have access to a lifetime of nourishing, delicious meals with just five simple ingredients.

Where can you find our cookbook?

The premium printable PDF eBook edition is available here: https://payhip.com/b/105C

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Full list of Kindle, paperback and hardcover retailers: https://happyhealthygreen.life/cookbooks/5-ingredient-high-protein-cookbook


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