August 5

8 Compelling Reasons to Go Vegan



 Exploitation of animals is not the only reason to become a vegan, but it is a main factor when deciding to stay a vegan. People have emotional attachments to animals, which is another large factor upon why some decide to be vegan in the first place. All creatures of the earth have a right for freedom and life.  When you avoid animal products, it is a great way to stand against cruelty to animals all around. Click here and learn more about why becoming a vegan helps show true love for animals all around.

Health Reasons

 People around the world are becoming vegans simply for health reasons that follow. Some benefits include: increased energy and younger looking skin. Some plant based eaters claim that an eternal youthful appearance is a large reason why they are vegan enthusiasts.  Eternal youth alone is entirely optimistic, but keep in mind there are many proven benefits that are scientifically backed up when comparing a vegan diet to a western diet with animal products.

When it comes to a plant based diet, a well planned diet includes: proper levels of iron, protein, calcium, essential minerals, and vitamins.  Plant based nutrients are lower in saturated fat and are very high in fiber, they are packed with tons of antioxidants. These facts help decrease modern health issues that occur such as: heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

Environmental Reasons

 We should all be aware about ways to live a greener life, from bike riding to work to recycling household products; there are plenty of things we can do protect the environment. An effective way to reduce carbon is to avoid animal products. This fact goes beyond flatulence among cows.

Diary & Meat, Why Are They Bad For The Environment?

 First off, meat production and animal products cause large problems for the environment.  Large amounts of water and crops are used to feed the animals. The transportation and the other processes that are needed can also cause a strain on the environment; from the farm to the fork. There is a large amount of grain that is used to feed the animals for meat production, deforestation is also another big factor that is bad for the environment, as well as loss of habitat, and extinction of species.  Take Brazil for instance, 5.6 million acres are used for the growth of soy beans for the animal production in Europe.  Using the land for meat production has helped develop a world of malnutrition, as it has caused impoverished populations, because growing cash crops has become far more important than growing food for the surrounding populations.  On the contrary, the crops and water needed to maintain a vegan diet is considerably lower than the meat production process, which makes switching to a vegan diet easy, enjoyable, effective, and also reduces damage to the environment.


 Being a vegan helps sustain the planet, not only that, a plant based diet is known to sustain an entire family more so than a meat diet.  Plant based diets require 1/3 of the land opposed to a diary and meat diet.  There are rising issues regarding food and water as there are many problems with the environment and socioeconomic issues that have evolved, this is why there is a need to create a better sustainable way of living.  It is simple, avoiding animal products can reduce the strain on natural resources. This is why it is important to advocate against food systems that are inefficient. Having inefficient food systems affect people living in poverty all around the globe.

Being A Vegetarian Is Not Enough

 The diary and the egg industry have also caused a lot of suffering, which is less publicized than the meat production industry.  Dairy products have caused deaths among many male calves, which become useless for diary farmers, as premature cows are slaughtered once production of their milk decreases. The egg industry is similar; ethical and free range eggs include unnecessary slaughtering of male chicks when they one day old.

Meat Ethics

 Of course we all want to believe that meat is ethical. We all want to believe that the animals we eat lived a happy full life and didn’t experience any pain at the slaughterhouse. The truth is, all living animals fear death just as much as we humans do.   It doesn’t matter how the animals were treated when they were living, as soon as they enter the slaughterhouse, they too fear death!

There Is Good News!

 We can start to take action, this is the good news. Each time we order out or shop for food, we can choose to help these animals instead of destroy them. We can make a switch from animal products to vegan products and stand up for our farm animals. Being a vegan is starting to become a lot more easier as it is becoming mainstream as more and more people are learning about the healthy benefits which come along with this dietary lifestyle.

Now begin to ask yourself, is it possible to live with delicious food and drink that delivers healthier benefits? If it is possible to minimize carbon and avoid the destruction of animals, than why don’t we begin to make the change?


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