5-Ingredient High-Protein Cookbook

On most days, we want our high-protein dishes on the table fast.


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We’re all busy living life. Work, responsibilities and family only leaves so many hours in the day available…

Quick and simple cooking will guarantee all the benefits that come with it – affordable, responsible and healthy meals – combined with all that you want from nutritious home-cooked meals – rich in protein and great flavor.

That’s why we’ve developed this 5 ingredient plant-based cookbook with High-Protein Recipes.

A complete cookbook that will help you forget about exclusive ingredients that are impossible to find. Skip late night supermarket runs and take back control.

5 ingredients is all you need to prepare delicious dishes that are

  • Rich in protein (25% of calories from protein)
  • Oil-free
  • Healthy & nutritious
  • Easy to prepare!
  • Complete with nutrition facts, allergy tags, tips & storage charts

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